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New Golf Accessories for sale: Buyers Guide 2018

Choosing golf accessories is a fun, non-essential part of the game that lots of golfers enjoy doing. This buying guide will help players decide which are the best golf accessories are on the market, how they can improve their game, and the reasons why more golfers than ever are buying accessories for their game.

Ball Markers, Hat Clips & Pens

Ball markers are small and flat, about the size of a coin, and are used to mark the position of a golf ball after it has landed on the greens. Ball markers are placed directly behind the golf ball before it is lifted, and then the golf ball is placed back down in front of the ball marker again. Real coins can be used for a ball marker, though it looks more professional to use a proper one; they are inexpensive and great value. Some golf brands also offer custom designs and pictures, which will add a new dimension to the look of boring, plain ball markers.

A selection of the best golf ball markers include the Asbri Golf Set of 5 Ball Markers, Emoji Poker Chip Ball Markers, Odyssey Poker Chip Ball Markers, Masters Golf Neon Ball Marker and Masters Golf Poker Chip With Magnetic Ball Marker.

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Golf Accessories

Pitchmark Repairers

Walking on a golf course is like walking on fine carpet. The soft turf, coupled with that fresh bounce of regular upkeep, is all necessary for the best possible play. One mis-hit shot from the golf club, however, and a large tuft of that green carpet will be sent sailing into the sky, disrupting the calm rhythm of that once beautiful course. This is, of course, part and parcel of the game, and cannot be helped. Using pitchmark repairers is a good idea as they work to replace the loose turf.

Pitchmark repairers should be used after every round to keep the golf course maintained. The correct method to use this and keep the turf looking good as new time and again is very simple. First, discard the loose piece of turf taken by the golf ball. Do not try and reinsert the turf as it will die anyway and slow up its healing process. Next, insert the pitchmark repair tool just outside of the back of the pitch mark and lever the turf towards the centre of the pitch mark. Repeat this motion from all sides of the pitch mark and then gently tap the repaired area with the Putter. This action stretches undamaged turf over the pitch mark, providing instant recovery.

There’s a few types of pitchmark repairer, including the PGA Tour Pro Golf Multi Tool, TaylorMade STAR WARS Divot Tool Set, Masters Golf Deluxe Pitchfork, Masters Golf DLX Switchblade Repairer and Asbri Golf PitchMaster Repairer Range.

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Scorecard Trackers

Tracking and lowering scores is what golf is all about, so keeping a good record of handicap, swing speeds etc. is always useful for golfers hoping to improve. Scorecard trackers are small, easy to carry or store, and will come in handy when playing alone or with a friend. Electronic scorecard holders work in a similar way, but instead of using pens to keep score, it’s all done electronically--displaying total strokes per round, and tracking scores of up to four separate players at any one time.

The PGA Tour Real Leather Accessories and Scorecard Holder, ON PAR Premium Ostrich Scorecard Holder, Callaway Golf Scorecard Holder, Masters Golf Leather Scorecard Holder and Masters Golf Protective Deluxe Scorecard Holder are all great scorecard options available now.

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Golf Ball Retrievers

Golf ball retrievers capture lost or misplaced golf balls that have fallen foul of water hazards, deep rough and sand trap--making them out of reach. Using telescopic extensions of up to 4.5 metres, retrievers are able to lift the golf ball from water via a swiveling cup attached at the end. Other variations of this include vacuum-like properties which suck the golf ball up into a bag at the end for quick collection and thinner tubes which pull the golf ball up and then drop it in a safe place where it can be retrieved without problem.

Some of the best golf ball retrievers include the BIG MAX Pocket Ball Retriever, PGA Tour Telescopic Ball Retriever, PGA Tour Practice Ball Collector, Masters Golf Black Widow Golf Ball Retriever and Masters Golf Butler Pick-Up Aid.

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Golf Towels

One of – if not the most – used accessory by any golfer, is the towel. Predominantly made from jacquard or velour cotton, golf towels can be attached to the side of a golf bag and used to wipe clubs clean between shots, thus reducing the risk of slipping when striking the golf ball. They also eliminate dirt and stains that build up during play and which can leave unsightly smears on golf clubs. The most common golf towel on the market is ‘Tri-Fold,’ which is small yet excellent at working off tough stains. Pretty much every major golf brand sells towels so there’s plenty of option available. Some may sport a design or pattern embroidery, and these too are popular among many golfers.

Some of the best golf towels available today include the Callaway Golf TriFold Towel, Cleveland Golf Tour Towel, PING Tri-Fold Towel, Clicgear Towel, Wilson Staff Microfiber Trifold Towel, Mizuno Golf Tri Fold Clip Towel, BIG MAX Quick Lok Towel, Cobra Golf Tri Fold Club Towel, PGA Tour Towel and Fazer Towel.

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Golf umbrellas can be easily attached to a golf bag and will then work to protect all golf clubs within that bag, whilst also offering some cover for the golfer between rounds. Umbrellas work just as well in windy conditions, with certain brands creating wind-resistant versions that tackle the heavy blows of cold weather with ease and will not turn inside-out when powerful gales rise over the greens. Golf umbrellas vary in length, with some of the larger ones measuring 62” in diameter. The longer the umbrella, the more area it will cover and the better chance there is that everything under its protective shield gets out dry and clean.

Golf has seen a boom in the use of umbrellas, and some of the best on the market right now include the PING Double Canopy 68" Tour Umbrella, TaylorMade Single Canopy Umbrella, Motocaddy Clearview Umbrella, Callaway Golf Great Big Bertha 64" Umbrella, Wilson Staff Umbrella, Mizuno Golf Twin Canopy Umbrella, PowaKaddy Wind Safe Umbrella, BIG MAX I-Dry Aqua Umbrella, Sun Mountain H2NO Dual Canopy Umbrella and Nike Windproof SC Umbrella VII, among others.

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