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Bridgestone Tour B RX 12 Ball Pack

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Bridgestone Tour B RX 12 Ball Pack


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Bridgestone Tour B RX 12 Ball Pack
Designed to fit golfers with tour fast swing speeds of under 105mph, this smarter golf ball reacts to the force of impact to give you enhanced performance.

The Bridgestone Balls Feature:

  • REACTIV iQ Cover
  • Gradational Compression
  • Dual Dimples
  • SCT Seamless Cover Technology

REACTIV iQ Technology

REACTIV IQ is a smart cover that stays on the club face for longer to get maximum velocity for greater distance off the tee. Plus you can now get more spin and softer feel out of the same golf ball.

Gradational Compression

The ball has been constructed with a Gradational Compression Core. This core generates more ball speed off the driver, with low spin for greater distance performance.

Dual Dimple Technology

Dual Dimples offer even more distance, this pattern reduces aerodynamic drag and produces a more efficient flight.

Seamless Cover Technology

This proprietary cover technology provides a perfectly balanced dimple pattern during the manufacturing process for consistent performance.
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