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Swing Caddie SC300i Launch Monitor

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Swing Caddie SC300i Launch Monitor


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Swing Caddie SC300i Launch Monitor
Measure your complete swing and ball flight metrics, using the latest in Doppler radar technology and calibrating atmospheric pressure sensors. The standalone Swing Caddie SC300i launch monitor provides accurate readings of your golf stroke including launch angle and apex data, usually only found on professional monitors to help you develop your game. The device offers the highest level of precision and instantly displays your results on a 5.3" LCD display. The Swing Caddie SC100 Launch Monitor comes with remote control for ease of use and features voice output of distance.

The Launch Monitor Features:

  • Swing & Ball Flight Metrics
  • Doppler Radar Sensor
  • 5.3" LCD Display
  • Remote Control / Voice Output

MySwingCaddie V2 App

SC300i connects directly to a personal phone or tablet via Bluetooth on the new MySwingCaddie V2 App allowing golfers to track their real-time integrated data.

Tech Specs:

Size: 166mm x 120mm x 28 mm, Weight: 436g. Battery Life: Up to 20 hours – USB Type C Charging. Measuring Range: 10~370 yards (1yard=0.91m)
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