Lignum Composite 52mm Wooden Tees 16 Pack


Lignum Composite 52mm Wooden Tees 16 Pack


  • Choose Model: Tees
  • Choose Colour: White
  • Choose Size: 62mm

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Lignum Composite 52mm Wooden Tees 16 Pack
This durable tee has been designed for consistent performance, with a ring system to provide optimum tee height. The ring system allows you to choose different heights so you can hit the sweet spot of your club more consistently.

The Composite Wooden Tees Features:

  • Durable Microwood Material
  • Ring System
  • 62mm Height
  • Eco-Friendly

Microwood Material

Lingum decided to create a new material based on wood fibre and natural adhesives "Microwood". It offers more stability, flexibility and also reduces the hit resistance to a minimum, so you can hit your shots with more performance.


Each pack has been manufactured using biodegradable materials and with cooperation from workshops with handicapped people. The vast majority of tees are made in underdeveloped countries and that's why Lignum only produce exclusively in Europe, a child-labour free and fair compensation part of the world.
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