Champ Helix PINS Cleats

Champ Helix PINS Cleats
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Champ Helix PINS Cleats



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Champ Helix PINS Cleats
These performance golf cleats offer added comfort and traction, without leaving any marks on the course. This performance design offers spring-flex traction and disperses energy to reduce spike pressure for increased comfort and endurance during your round of golf.

The Helix Cleats Feature:

  • Sping-Flex Traction & Control
  • Low Profile & Soft Pad Design
  • C Wear Indicator
  • 20 Cleats in Pack
The cleats feature 6 flexible anti-clogging legs, with soft durometer TPU bed design to minimise marks on the golf course. These are the perfect replacement for your shoes that use the PINS fast fit system.
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