Golf Clothing

At American Golf we stock an expansive range of golf shoes and golf clothing for men, women and juniors to match all tastes, and tackling any weather condition. Every colour, pattern and fabric technology is catered for, as we work closely with major golf fashion brands to bring only the best attires to your attention.

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Choose from trusted technologies such as Galvin Green GORE-TEX or Under Armour All Season Gear to really hit the greens running. Because no matter what the weather holds, you will find the perfect clothing options right here at American Golf. Whether choosing fashion over function, or comfort over style, we stock a massive range of top golf clothing brands, including firm favourites such as adidas, PUMA, Under Armour, Lyle & Scott, Callaway, PING, and Oscar Jacobson, as well as the best footwear on the market, from brands including FootJoy, Stuburt, Rife and Ecco.

Golf Shoes

You will walk about 5 miles during an average round of golf (more if you're new to the game!) so it’s wise to invest in a good, quality pair of mens golf shoes. Stretch your budget here to the max and you won't regret it. Everyone wants a shoe that is designed to be comfortable over a long period, to give you good traction, to look good and to be a durable waterproof golf shoe. When purchasing golf shoes, just choose your normal shoe size and this should be fine. Also, many golf shoes have a wide fitting option for extra comfort. Check out all we have to off at American Golf and discover our great range ofadidas golf shoes, PUMA, FootJoy golf shoes, Stuburt, Callaway and Under Armour golf shoes, which do all these things to a level that will amaze you.

Ladies Golf Shoes

The same as with men, the frequent female golfer should invest the maximum possible in quality golf shoes to ensure comfort, excellent traction, waterproofing and durability. Ladies golf shoes can be slightly lighter than men's to give maximum comfort. Top brand examples can be found from adidas, FootJoy, Ecco and Stuburt.

Junior Golf Shoes

For a junior golfer who is playing frequently an investment in golf shoes is a must. Golf shoes start at age 3 and go through to adult. Infrequent junior golfers could use training shoes but golf shoes will have better traction, be more comfortable and offer waterproofing. Specialist junior golf shoes can be found from PUMA.

Golf Shirts

There are lots of golf shirts on the market today, each offering something new, whether it be greater comfort or a plethora of new technology. Choose from traditional materials, or go for something with moisture wicking capabilites to get the most out of every game.
All our clothing ranges are hand-picked by experts, so if you ever need a helping hand, please get in contact with us at American Golf. We're always happy to help a fellow golfer.

Golf Sweaters

Ideal for cooler weather, golf sweaters and tops are designed to keep golfers and their swings at optimum performance during the colder months of the year. At American Golf, we have 100% cotton sweaters, 100% lambswool sweaters, and even luxurious cashmere available.
Top brands for golf sweaters include PING, adidas, Galvin Green, Benross, FootJoy and PUMA, to name a few. All our clothing ranges are hand-picked by experts, so if you have any questions about any of our garments, please contact us--we're always happy to lend a hand.

Golf Trousers

Golf shorts are a good choice in warm weather, and in some cases are now acceptable golf wear in professional Tour events.
Callaway, adidas, Royal & Awesome, Under Armour and GOLFINO all offer comfortable golf shorts with excellent pocket storage for your golf accessories.
All of our golf trousers range are hand-picked by experts so if you have any questions about any of our garments please contact us at American Golf.

Golf Waterproofs

Quality waterproofs are an essential purchase for any golfer who plays frequently in adverse weather conditions. Golf waterproof jackets can be full-zip or half-zip, and feature long sleeves or half sleeves. Waterproof trousers are easy to take on and off thanks to zippered legs, and they also have multiple and open pockets which allow you to get through to your trouser pockets underneath. Utilising the latest materials, such as Gore Tex, top makers of golf waterproofs include Galvin Green, PING, adidas, Sunderland, Calvin Klein, FootJoy and Stromberg. Golf waterproofs are a complex area, so if you have any questions please contact us at American Golf.

Golf Socks

A good quality pair of golf socks is essential when you walk the 5 miles of a golf round. Lightweight cottons golf socks are cool and comfortable, and are available from brands such as adidas, Callaway and FootJoy.

Golf Sunglasses

A growing section of the golf market, sunglasses designed for golf can add an extra dimension to your game. As well as making it easier to see the golf ball as you hit into the sun, they can also help to reduce distractions on and around the greens. Top manufacturers include BLOC & Dirty Dog. Golf sunglasses are particular popular for their optically perfect lenses, making them the ideal choice for demanding sportsmen and women.

Caps & Visors

A golf cap is a great finishing touch to a new golf outfit but it also offers valuable protection from the sun and rain and keeps the sun out of your eyes when you are admiring your great shots! Choose your favourite brand such as Titleist, adidas, Cleveland & PUMA to complement your golf wear. Caps can be adjustable or fitted so check your size for a fitted one. If you need help with your selection please contact us at American Golf.

Golf Shoe Bags & Accessories

A small niche range stocked at American Golf, you can make your game of golf more convenient with a golf bag accessory. A golf umbrella, for example, could be considered a necessity depending on where you play. A golf towel is very useful for cleaning your golf clubs or your golf ball between shots.